Power Station

Process | System Description

The Pego Combined Cycle Power Plant consists in two single-shaft Units provided by Siemens.

It is designed to provide safe, highly reliable, efficient and low cost electricity.
The design features of the plant have been carefully considered, resulting in an optimum balance between capital cost, plant performance as well as operation and maintenance benefits.

Plant exhaust emissions are minimized by the dry low NOx Hybrid Burner Ring (HBR®) when firing gas.

The core of the Combined Cycle Plant is composed by the following equipment:

  • The gas turbine SGT5-4000F (former V94.3A)
  • The steam turbine of the SST5-3000 (former HE)
  • The THDF hydrogen-cooled generator
  • Heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) with Benson HP stage, natural circulation; triple stage with reheat
  • Plant control system SPPA T-3000
  • Auxiliary and ancillary equipment (balance of plant)
  • Cooling tower
  • Plant electrical equipment